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Previous congresses

6th Congress - Nantes - France – 2017

During the 5-days-congress, the academic and corporate community of applied phycology (microalgae and macroalgae-seaweeds) gathered in Nantes to participate to numerous activities : 560 attendees, 150 talks, 200 posters, 14 exhibitors, B2B meetings, young researcher workshops, Labs and R&D facilities visits and social events.

This event also hosted different meetings : ISAP General Assembly ; Atlantic Microalgae Consortium General Assembly ; meeting of the international scientific consortium WONDER « World Oilalg Network for Design of processes and  strains for Elaboration of Renewable energy from microalgae » (Murdoch-Australie, Tsukuba-Japon, Univ. California UCLA-USA, GEPEA-CNRS-Univ. Nantes France) ; « Seaweed at Stake » : Stakeholder meeting catalyzing future collaboration (Organized by  MAFOR/MARFORSTAKE and Phycomorph),and a public-conference for the Nantes Citizens (158 additional participants) : « Les algues : de la Biodiversité Marine à la conquête spatiale » by Colomban de Vargas (CNRS Station Biologique Roscoff, Tara Expeditions) and Christophe Lasseur (European Space Agency, Melissa Program).

For details visit https://isap2017.sciencesconf.org/

See official pictures of the congress: https://www.flickr.com/photos

5th Congress - Sydney - Australia - 2014

The Biofuels Debate

The Great Biofuels Debate was held at ISAP2014 in Sydney.
A panel of experts with diverse fields of knowledge from aviation fuels, to energy sources and photosynthesis were presented with the question:

Is there hope for a future of sustainable algal biofuels?
International Society for Applied Phycology
5th Congress of ISAP, 2014, Sydney, Australia

We are all aware that in theory algae grow much faster than land plants and could provide the much needed biofuels biomass without competing with food resources, however the challenge has been economic viability. The term biofuels represents the use of living biomass for the conversion of chemical energy into diesel or ethanol types. A plethora of Blue Sky promises and unfounded statements have tarnished the trust in the concept of algal biofuels for the future, and controversial funding as well as rejection of the technology has been rife in this last decade of seeking viable biofuels.

In this public forum, representatives that were sceptics, visionaries and maybe grounded viewpoints by some of the most respected and long term innovators in this field presented their views.

  • Brief report of debate including speakers details here.
  • Members can access this debate by clicking here.

4th Congress -2011

Halifax - Nova Scotia - 2011

The 4th Congress of the International Society for Applied Phycology was held in Halifax, Canada from June 19th - 24th, 2011.

3rd Congress - 2008

Galway - Ireland

2nd Congress -2005

Kunming -China

President's Report (PowerPoint File)

Treasurer's Report (PowerPoint File)

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