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International Society for Applied phycology

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The ISAP objectives

The ISAP is a non-profit organization that aims to promote research and the dissemination of knowledge concerning the utilization of algae. In order to meet these objectives, the ISAP promotes the following activities:

  • Organizes triennial meetings, encouraging wide participation from academia and industry.
  • Forms an informed source of expertise among members who could provide an accurate, disinterested opinion. concerning algal products or relating to environmental impact.
  • Forms links and affiliations with existing national and regional organizations of applied phycology.
  • Promotes the exchange of students and researchers.
  • Applies for special grants and donations from international bodies, governments and industry to support activities of the Society.
  • Issues an electronic newsletter to publicize activities.

  • Organizes workshops and training programs.

  • Supports culture collections of algae.

  • Organizes exhibitions of commercial algal products and similar pertinent exhibits along the triennial meetings.

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