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ISAP 2021 - 3 August 2021 - virtual Awards and Acknowledgements Ceremony

The ISAP2021 Virtual Awards and Acknowledgements Ceremony was the culmination of an exceptionally executed virtual congress - the first of its kind in ISAP history!

The ceremony was hosted by the 2017-2021 Outgoing President - Céline Rebours.

And the winners were:

Distinguished Applied Phycologists (presented by Roberto de Philippis):

  • Prof. Eugenia Olguin
  • Prof. Michael Guiry
  • Prof. Yongding Liu

Outstanding Contributions to the ISAP (presented by Céline Rebours):

  • Prof. Michael Guiry
  • Dr. Valeria Montalescot

Previous Awards


  • Prof. Avigad Vonshak
  • Prof. Roberto de Philippis
  • Prof. John Benemann


  • Prof. Amha Belay
  • Prof. Sammy Boussiba
  • Prof. Mario Tredici


  • Prof. (JU) Johan Grobbelaar


  • Prof. Brian A. WHITTON (United Kingdom)


  • Prof. Claude GUDIN (France)
  • Prof. Ivan SETLIK (Czech Republic)
  • Prof. Carl J. SOEDER (Germany)


  • Prof. Hiroaki IWAMOTO (Japan)
  • Prof. Ralph LEWIN (USA)
  • Prof. Riccardo MATERASSI (Italy)
  • Prof. Shigetoh MIYACHI (Japan)
  • Prof. William J. OSWALD (USA)
  • Prof. Amos RICHMOND (Israel)

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