ISAP Meetings

Fifth ISAP Congress Sydney Australia 2014

ISAP2014 was held in Sydney at the end of June 2013 with over 280 registered delegates and 34 countries were represented. True to its intention, the Congress featured symposia and sessions that covered everything applied and algae; from microalgae, macroalgae and cyanobacteria; production systems, genetic management and strain selection; to fuels, high value products and applications in high-end cancer research.

  • Photographs from the meeting in an iCloud album. Many thanks to all those who provided images. Click on any image to initiate a slide-show.
  • Photographs from the meeting in a Flickr album. Many thanks to all those who provided images.

    In addition, ISAP2014 was launched with a book, Coastal Chef, where 10 of the producing nations of microalgae and seaweeds delivered the challenge to 20 prominent Australian chefs to deliver new and cutting edge cuisine. This was a success with the tasting of these dishes at the opening event and on the Post Congress Tour. In addition, dolphins were spotted, the future of microalgae culture collections and Sydney Harbour by night were great features; including the awards to eminent physiologists, Ahma Belay, Sammy Boussiba and Mario Tredici (see pictures below). Susan Blackburn was thanked for her efforts as ISAP president for the past 3-years and took on the role as vice-president, and Roberto De Philippis commenced his three-year term as the new president of ISAP. Pia Winberg was appointed as Secretary/Treasurer of ISAP for the triennium 2014-2017.

    Finally, the Great Biofuels Debate was held at ISAP 2014 with a pre- and post-poll evaluation. This was sponsored by James Cook University, hosted by Adam Spencer and featured a stellar panel including Paul Falkowski, John Benneman, Kirsten Heimann, Michael Borowitzka, Susan Pond and Deborah O'Connell. This event was filmed and will be made available online shortly.

Congress Awards

Best poster and oral presentations

  • Best student poster microalgae: Priscilla Rajakumar (United Kingdom)
  • Best student poster macroalgae: Oh Jae-Young (Republic of Korea)
  • Best student oral microalgae: Vidhyasri Subramaniyam (Australia)
  • Best student oral macroalgae: Yao Xian Chin (Malaysia)
  • Best Poster: Asterio Sánchez-Mirón (Spain)
  • Best Oral: Patricia Matanjun (Malaysia)

Best Photographs

    • 1st prize: Chelsea U. Brain – UK
          • 2nd prize: Oleg G. Kovtun – Ukraine
          • 3rd Prize: Melinda Griffiths - South Africa
          • 4th prize: Penelope Ajani – Australia
          • 5th Prize: Linda Armbrecht – Australia
          • 6th Prize: Grant January - South Africa

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